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We are new to this! What is all-star cheer?

All-star cheerleading is the sport of competitive cheerleading. A team of similarly-skilled cheerleaders prepares a 1.5-2 minute routine of tumbling, stunting, dance, jumps, and pyramids to compete before judges.

What is the difference between the Black, Red, and White Teams?

 The White Team is a lower time and financial commitment team meant for beginners-intermediate that would like to learn the fundamentals of all star cheerleading. They will practice once a week.They will perform once at our show and two competitions. Our Red teams are for our intermediate cheerleaders who are developing their tumbling and stuntings skill, and who have some experience. They practice twice a week and attend one showcase and three competitions. Their season is from September-February. The Black Teams are a full year commitment. They practice twice a week and attend the showcase and five competitions. 

Who are Legacy Cheer coaches? The Legacy Cheer program will be led by Erika Toney, who has over 20 years of experience in the cheerleading industry. She was a collegiate cheerleader at SMU, and has coached high school cheer for 13 years. Our all-star coaches have significant experience both as cheerleaders and as coaches. Our All-Star Staff coaches all have a desire to disciple these athletes to love the Lord and ultimately show the joy of the Lord through cheerleading.

How will you determine which team?  Although tumbling is an important component to the Evaluation, athletes will also be evaluated on the level of other skills. We will also evaluate teachability, listening skills, and history of performance. Many factors, from skills to age to team needs, go into team placements, but every placement is thoughtful with the expectation that each athlete will thrive in her/his placement.

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Tel. 214-394-6259


Mailing Address

6937 Meadowcreek Drive

Dallas, TX 75254


Legacy Cheer Operates out of Rogue Athletics. 



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